Month: February 2023

P2A measure continues…

We are continuing to learn about measure. This week we talked about length and height. We learned to make comparisons and talk about taller/longer and shorter. We estimated and measured using non-standard units such as cubes, cones and our feet and hands. Then we learned about cm and metres and showed that we could accurately measure items.

Victorian Tour

This week P2 had their opportunity to take part in a long standing Sciennes tradition – The Victorian School Tour. Our lovely Janitor Mr Reid led pupils round the school, allowing access to areas normally out of bounds to the children. The children saw original Victorian features such as the boiler room, the pool plant room, the swimming pool and the attic. We also looked at external features of the building such as where the fence that separated boys and girls was and the separate entrance doors. The pupils really enjoyed the experience – thank you Mr Reid!

P2 measure

This week in P2 we had lots of fun learning about measure. Each class is starting with a different aspect; length, mass or capacity/volume. We are learning to use mathematical language to compare items we are measuring, make logical estimations and measure items using both non-standard units (eg. Cubes, hands, feet etc) and standard measuring tools. We have shown the ability to explore, test our predictions and work collaboratively.